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We organize health and meditation retreats on the naturally beatiful island of Mallorca. Our retreat is located far away from tourism, noise and everyday distractions. In this secluded location you can silence your mind and rest your body. Simply just embrace the moment. In 2017 we will be conducting more retreat trips in small groups of 5-6 people. Join us on the journey of exploration of the beatiful island and foremost to your inner self. During this journey, meditation will nourish your spirit, awareness will clear out your mind, natural herbs and nutrients will replenish your body. If you wish, this trip can be a beginning of a lifelong journey of awareness and enlightment. 

Munay centro
Munay centro

Our programme consist of four themes which intertwine into one entity - reaching our physical and spiritual balance  

1. You are what You think. Balancing your mind through Mindless meditation, our new meditation paractice which incorporates techniques from different meditation disciplines. Mindless Meditations primary goal is to achieve a free and clear mind and subsequently a higher level of awareness. 

 2. You are what You eat. In our programme we study natural herbs and plant medicine as well as their benefits in achieving a perfect balance within our body, mind and soul. We will widely discuss nutrition and its vital role in a fulfilling life. 

 3. We are what we think. We will share thoughts and experiences regarding our own state of consciousness and awareness. We will discuss how meditation, self realizataion and the right nutrition improve our quality of life. 

4. We are all energy - one is all and all is one. This unwritten universal law guides us all regardless of our background: religion, science, nationality, ethnicity etc. Self realization and meditation help us answer ancient questions which we all contemplate from time to time: ''Who am I?'', ''Why am I here?'', ''Where am I going to?''.

Mindless meditation
Mindless meditation

Meditation and natural herbs

Together meditation and nature's offerings provide a perfect environment for getting aquainted with Your inner self. Traditional European and South-American herbs with a wide range of healing properties play an important role in this retreat program. During meditation we will focus on the energy within us, the secrets of the seven chacras and the present moment. We will practice the techniques of Mindless meditation in order to achieve a state of thoughtlessness, the prerequisite for self realization and find your inner self. Some examples of the herbs used in the program:  Ajos Shacha: The healing properties of this plant are widely known to the indigenous people. This herb reduces inflammation pains, improves your immune system, lowers cholesterol levels etc. The herb is said to banish the evil spirits and is often used by the shamans. Camalonga : This tree is a saced teacher plant also used by shamans for its curative/spiritual qualities. It can be used as part of a shamanic dieta or as an admixture to Ayahuasca. Reishi: This amazing mushroom naturally grows also in finnish forests is is in great demand in Asia. Generally, Reishi is used to help treat anxiety, high blood pressure, hepatitis, bronchitis, insomnia, and asthma. In addition, information on a separate attachment of other medicinal herbs which are available on the retreat.

                                       Mindless meditation

 We are all energy and we are all a part of this universe. So are our thoughts. Hasn't the power of thoughts been acknowledged for thousands of years and isn't it common knowledge that actions stem from thoughts. Does a thoughtless state exist and can it be entered through yoga and meditation? The answer is yes. Countless meditation techniques aim at achieving this state of being. The goal is to firstly enter the state of being in the present. A state free of the past and the future. A state free of ego and self. This thoughtless and mindless reality is an essential step on a journey to higher consciousness. And this step is attainable to everyone. Mindless meditation does not force any particular technique on the practitioner. We are all individuals and it is useless to force ourselves to subdue to a particular formula. This is unnatural. We believe in an individual. We are our own masters, we are our own teachers. This is why we have created an environment in which an individual can be respected and attended to. Every participant will be encouraged to find their own path to inner self, peace and freedom.

Who we are ?

We are just ordinary people

Bernarda is a mother of two children and she lives in Majorca. She walks the spiritual path and frequently visits SouthAmerica to absorb the knowledge of spirituality from the indigenous masters. Bernarda is a student of medicinal herbs and their healing power. She has a unique skill and a strong will to help people. Bernard has the real healer's natural abilities, and even doctors and psychiatrists have been given guidance for their own work by her. Many people with the addictions like alcohol and drugs have been helped by her detox and diet program.

Isto lives in Helsinki and is passionate about meditation, knowledge and spirituality. Alike Bernarda, he has travelled to South-America to study the spiritual heritage of the indigenous people. Inspired by his experiences Isto has researched the subjects of consciousness and spirituality. Meditation and yoga are a part of his daily routine. In South-America he has learned to exsercise his natural gift of liberating people from the past that haunts them, from the thoughts that restrict their lives in the present. This is achieved through meditation and self realization

Bernarda and Isto have had the same spiritual master in South-America. Last summer they decided to start conducting awareness raising retreats in Majorca. In this naturally beautiful environment Isto and Bernarda unite their knowledge and resources in order to provide an unforgettable experience for the attendants. We are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, religious , organization or institution. We do not wish to engage in any controversy,  nor do we take a stand on these everlasting controversy issues.