Sacred hgealing ceremonies 


RETREAT INFO    Mallorca Spain 

We welcome you to a magical inner journey with sacred power and healing plants from South-America Amazonas . During this four days and three nigths retreat our main focus is in these amazing plants, to dive into the deeper layers of our self, in order to release blockages, stimulate our innate healing energy and reconnect with the higher self and Mother Nature. Our ceremonies are eclectic, combining silence and sacred songs from different  traditions, celebrating life, love and the healing power of nature.The ceremonies take place in a middle of the island Mallorca . This very beautiful place is dedicated to the healthy living, The ceremonies will be guided by Bernarda who have been holding healing ceremonies on the place over the years. Space is limited to 7-8 participants.                              WHAT TO EXPECT? Each journey is unique, as the context, our state of health, expectations, current life processes, diet and the plants themselves influence each experience. In these sessions, we provide a safe space for each person to work on him/herself. We begin and end each ceremony with a silece meditation circle and finish the retreat with a day of integration and sharing. We also give special attention to diet and healthy, high vibration vegan food will be served to optimize your experience during this weekend. Those who will be joining a ceremony for the first time can read more: Other video recomended: The brain expained                  SCHEDULE: The program starts on Friday afternoon with the check-in. One ceremonies will be held on Saturday night. Sunday will be a day of integration including meditation, evening will be held one more ceremony. Every morning we will eat breakfast and open a day with flower bath. Monday afternoon check-out.  However, you are more than welcome to stay with us some extra nights.                                                   THE FOOD: Our focus is in a healthy food. Expect delicious, fresh, high-raw vegan food.                                                     WHAT TO PACK?  Please bring a small flashlight and most importrant open mind. Also bring comfortable warm clothes to wear during the ceremonies. The days can be warm, but it cools down considerably in the evening so make sure to bring some warm clothes .

ACCOMMODATION: Is in the house. Otherwise ceremony participants can also sleep in the ceremony space if so wish.
PROGRAM INCLUDES: 4-days and 3-nigths program Meditation daily program , 2-healing ceremonies, food, accommodation and airport transportation,  Price for 1-ceremony  100 eur / person, get more info of full retreat below.                       GETTING TO PLACE: By air to Palma De Majorca airport , before your arrival when you confirm us your flight schedule and we will pick you up from the airport. To find your cheap flight tickets you can visit for example  

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